Whodunnit GPT – A Murder Mystery Deduction Game

A short while ago I’ve created a custom ChatGPT called Whodunnit GPT. The name explains already what it does but to sum it up it’s murder mystery detective game in which you play the role of the archetypal sleuth detective while GPT takes on the role of the game master and your assistant. It’s somewhat reminiscent of classic, text-based adventure games but of course due to the nature of GPT becomes far more flexible. It can set up a murder mystery in any era, with any theme as far as it’s within the constraints of what ChatGPT allows.

Some of the typical commands to use are …

  • Set up a game with a roaring 1920s theme and 10 possible suspects.
  • Set up a game with a 1940s setting in Hollywood similar to L.A. Noire, with 10 characters.
  • Setup theme 80s horror.
  • Describe Evelyn Beaumont in more detail, her age, her mysterious past, connection to the victim, and draw a picture of her.
  • Visit and examine the crime scene. Look for any suspicious clues you can find.
  • interrogate Lily Marlowe.
  • Richard Blake, you’re under arrest for the murder of Alex Mercer!

There are a few special commands available:

  • rules: Let’s GPT explain the general rules of the game.
  • setup: Followed by a theme and similar details, let’s GPT create a mystery with a murder victim and suspects.
  • start: Not really necessary but can be used to start the deduction game after it has been set up.
  • reveal: This command will let GPT reveal the game and tell who the murderer is. The case will be closed afterwards so use it carefully!

The Whodunnit GPT can be accessed here.


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