Synthetics Character Series 1 – Cheryl

Introducing Cheryl for Character Creator 4, a classy and petite female base character with a very feminine body shape and gentle, facial features. Most of her textures come in 4K size, providing double the resolution of what’s common and result in a more realistic-looking skin. All textures have been optimized to the maximum to keep file size reasonably small for 4K textures.

The skin is slightly shiny by intention. This was originally caused by converting roughness maps to 8bit greyscale which resulted in somewhat darker maps. But the result gave a pleasingly, slightly oily-looking skin appearance, emphasizing the skin’s features so it was decided to keep the roughness maps at this level. If you wish to make the skin less shiny you can simply increase the brightness on the skin’s roughness maps in the CC texture panel.

Body type: Venus body
Character height: 160 cm / 5.3 feet
Triangle count: 35366

Pack includes:

  • Cheryl Character Preset
  • Cheryl Eyes
  • Cheryl Eye Color Materials (Grey, Blue, Green, Brown, Amber)
  • Cheryl Teeth
  • Cheryl Makeup
  • Cheryl Nails Paint

Please note: Hair, clothing and accessories used in images/video is only for promotional use and is not included.

The following dependencies are required for this pack:

Available at the Reallusion Market Place.

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